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Connect HP Photosmart on different networks


HP has always surprised the users with its range of products. One such device where they have toppled the position in market is Printer. With Photosmart series, it made printing experience different.
You can connect HP Photosmart with a router, WPS and also without a router.

Let's see how to connect the Photosmart with Wireless Setup Wizard

a. Make a note of your network name (SSID) and WEP key or WPA passphrase.
b. Begin with a Wireless Setup Wizard.
c. Touch the icon and then Settings from the Home screen.
d. Now go to Wireless Setup Wizard.
e. Link to network.

With WPS

In WPS, you can use two methods-

1. Push Button method:
a. Choose setup method. Ensure that WPS enabled router supports Push Button process.
b. Touch icon from Home screen. Then Settings.
c. Touch WiFi protected Setup and then Push Button.
> Establish wireless connection.
d. Go to Start. Do check that the router is turned on.
e. To activate WPS press and hold the button on the router and another networking device for 5 seconds.
f. Select OK. And then install software.
2. With PIN method:
a. Choose setup method. Just check whether your WPS enabled router supports PIN method.
b. Go to Settings through Wireless icon from home screen.
c. Now tap on WiFi Protected Setup.
d. Touch PIN Setup. You are required to establish wireless connection.
e. Tap on Start. Check your router is turned on.
f. Select OK and then install the software.

Connecting Printer without a router

For this, through Control Panel turn on Wireless Direct.
a. Go to the icon from Home screen.
b. Select Settings if your Wireless Direct appears Off.
c. You can touch On (Without Security) or On (With Security).

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