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How To Overhaul My HP Laptop?


Overhauling HP Laptops is not difficult at all. The common problem can be easily identified and troubleshoot within minutes. If you also face some common issues with your laptop, then don’t worry, be calm and read this blog as I will tell you some common troubleshooting steps.

Read the instructions and follow them according to the issue which you are facing in your laptop.

  1. Find the model number and the serial number from the bottom of the laptop. You will require this info if call support is needed or if you have to order parts.
  2. Detach the power cord to see if the system can be switched on using the battery. If it is not switched on, then the battery may be dead.
  3. Now, you have to plug the power cord into the laptop and into an electrical outlet. Make sure that power is coming into the outlet. 
  4. Next, try to turn on the laptop and check if the desktop screen comes on display.
    • If you found no power to the system, then it may require replacing the power supply.
    • If power is there, then it will turn on and the desktop screen will be visible.
    • And, if power is coming and the computer is not turning on then the problem may be on the screen, the operating system or on the hard drive.
  5. Verify if the problem is with the hard drive by inserting the bootable recovery disk into the CD drive. Reboot the system.
    • If the HP laptop starts and the screen appear on the display, then there may be a problem with the hard drive or with the operating system. In this case, reinstall the operating system from a backup copy.
    • If reinstallation of O.S cannot be done then, replace the hard drive.
  6. Check if the system is connecting to the Internet. If not, then make sure that there are no outages with the Internet service provider. Also, check if your modem is working properly.

So, these were the basic issues that may occur in your laptop. For more complicated issues or technical error solution, you may contact to HP Printer Support Number 1-855-264-9333. You can also contact us via chat support or email by visiting our website. Our technicians are very expert in providing the correct solution according to the problem. So, never leave a chance when you can get instant solution for every related problem of your laptop.

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